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About Us

I'm Mark Wood, the founder of Big O' Dog. I've been a dog lover my whole life, and have had mostly larger breeds, although my very first puppy of my own was a mutt from my grandmother's toy fox terrier. Currently I'm living with my 13-year-old pit bull mix Max.

Max waiting for a treatMax waiting for a treat

When I began contemplating opening a store for dog lovers, I initially considered making it specific to pit bulls. They are such a misunderstood breed, and I already had a Facebook page for pit bull lovers (you may have even found us from there). Ultimately, though, I decided to broaden my horizons a bit, and include other large breeds.

I hope you love what you find here. If you don't see what you want, please let us know! We're always looking to add new items that big dog lovers will enjoy. And keep checking back -- the store will continue to grow over time, and you're sure to see something you've got to have.

 Thanks for stopping by!